We sang songs but never learned your words or melodies
(We’re moving on)
We ran far beyond the lights cast on these streets
(We’re standing up)
Dazed and tired, we’re still standing
Always anxious, somehow breathing
Never certain but still searching
You parked your car out on my lawn and came inside
I’m shaking off the sinking feeling in my gut and I am screaming “wake up”
Is this a dream or reality?
When I wake, will I still be asleep?
Can I ever trust anything?
I guess I’ll rest and just let it be
(Wake up)
Is there a way to get into it or do want to get over it?
Did we dream when we were skeletons or did we just wish for our skin?
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You Will Never Go To Space Lyrics

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – You Will Never Go To Space Lyrics