Before I die, take me to the place where we wrote our names wrong, but they shared a space
Branches and leaves gathered between where you are right now and where I wanna be
Between earth and sky, we'll build a fire so high they'll turn all the lights out
And all will sing: "I am alive, I deserve to be"
Not getting quiet, swallowing age
But bless those sharp tears
But rage and burn, and turn all those lights out before it gets warm

Always compressing days
Spending long out of time with no one else sorry for the outage
Haven’t you ever been set out and miscounted, frail and fully compromised?

Sharing a meal at a table your friends built
We reach for the salt with our arms wet
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Rage Against The Dying Of The Light Lyrics

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Rage Against The Dying Of The Light Lyrics