“You cannot defeat the darkness, you can only be the light” fuck that
At the core of night, I couldn’t imagine anything I’d like less than to be the light
And in this I mean literal darkness, literal light and literal night
Why would I want to?
I liked you like I like the dark
In it, i feel my body in a different way
Because like when my body was with yours
In the dark, my body doesn’t end at my finger tips
Instead bleeding out into a space I can’t calculate the mass of but that I know is massive
I am a giant in these spaces
I am more than a giant
I am limitless
We are limitless
Darkness is an infnite container
I am a gas seeking to fill i'ts volume or dissipate to harmlessness within it
Let myself be absorbed into something I am also an agent of until it and I are both malleable
Next, darkness is the backseat of my dead best friend’s sister’s car
And every potentially stubbed toe or missed step on the staircase
Are the bobbing headlights that haunt your parent’s neighborhood
Coming into focus through the fog
Slowly bouncing towards us like specters while we lay silently in cover
Save for the percussion of our hearts and the exuberance of our lungs
And every soft carpet fiber
Every safely navigated hallway taking me deeper into dark is your charged touch sending jolts of current waltzing through my muscles
Is your breathy way of saying my name
After the hallway I stumble to my bed, isn’t this exciting?
Feeling out into a comfortable unknown
I can float out into the dark until I've reached land again
If there’s land to be had
If there isn’t, that’s fine
I feel safer now floating out into the precipice
I liked you like I like the dark, why would I aim to defeat it?
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Shoppers Beef Lyrics

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