Are you awake yet?
'Cause if there's a part of you that's working
There's a part of you that hasn't sobered up
In someone's living room
I've only heard the coffee maker
Someone's car starting out there on the lawn
We haven't seen the sunrise in twenty seven years
We've been waiting; cornered, like we're animals
In abandoned living rooms
We don't know what we can have
And what is saved for someone else who has a key

Are you asleep yet?
You can tell my ears aren't burning all the quiet names made up to make us laugh
Find us an apartment with enough outlets for all of us
Where we won't wake up your kid or pets or dad
This isn't eating
We count dollar menu hunger as something that isn't cold that we can eat
We aren't broke yet
But have to find a space between our bodies
Find our minds and walk in off the street

We're building our own caskets while our homes fall apart
Tires tracking on your back
Can't go home long enough

Can I come home yet?
The jokes are only jokes, and every liar wants his own set of new eyes
Can I just leave again?
I kept my promises and all I did was read about the end of it on the news
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Even More Forever Lyrics

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Even More Forever Lyrics