Laying deep within the veils of melancholy
I bleed your sorrows... A gaping wound inside
I want to fill you up with all my energy, yeah
But I am isolated and wrought with solitude

The freezing plains are moaning with the crying wind
I see my breath as my cold thoughts speak of no forgiveness
Constellations hide and I stand in the shadow
Adore you from a distance... Disheartened by all that lives

This world it offers nothing
For my own recluse life
The inner sanctum opens
I've manifested gloom
Loss of all motivation
My pagan heart beats slow
Dark evocations of a...
A lost and lonely doom


I am steadfast digging deeper my own grave
Masochistic melancholy blooms in winter eyes
The sun it hides behind the clouds, I see no shadow
I am disheartened by all that speaks to me

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Disheartened Lyrics

Tearstained – Disheartened Lyrics