Emotionless - total coldness
Solitary - heartless query
Lost and drifting - a winter soul
Unmotivated - no dreams or goals
Numb and painless - Passion aimless
Feeling faded - thoughts are jaded
Death enticing - romanticizing
Life is pain - exist in vain

Thoughtless - Emotionless
Cold and Distant
Reclusive - introverted
No care, no hope, no life left in me

Antisocial - isolated
Cold and Distant
Tormented - intoxicated
No care, no hope, no life left in me

Reactionless - bitter coldness
No reaction - death's attraction
No response - no needs or wants
Why live on when emotion's gone

Just existing...
So fucking lonely...

I couldn't take anymore
I couldn't take anymore living
In this world
Happy being so cold and distant

I just do not care anymore... [x4]
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Cold And Distant Lyrics

Tearstained – Cold And Distant Lyrics