Misanthropy - the hatred of humans
Self-loathing to a greater degree
Despise the scum of the earth
Many lower breeds, some my own

Time for genocidal decisions
Extermination of the scum and thieves
Let their deaths be free
Purify humanity through misanthropy

Harsh, cruel-natured
Victim of living
Trustless, shielded
Eyes burn in fire
Stone cold
Path crossed
Disrespect will be pounded
Pounded to dust
Those unworthy of life
Pollute the air I breathe

Genocide and Misanthropy
The answers for those who are wise
Genocide and Misanthropy
Human nature is corruptable lies

Life is worthless
Harsh, cruel-natured
Protected, relentless
Fire burns in my eyes
Cold steel
Path crossed
Why do leeches still walk free?
Feed them to ovens overtly


Those weak pawns, sheep in herds
Brainless weasels
Thieves and addicts
This is the human race
This is the human race

Let hatred flow free... [x4]

Let hatred flow free...

(Become lost and bang your fucking head)
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Genocide And Misanthropy Lyrics

Tearstained – Genocide And Misanthropy Lyrics