Life's glow has grown so pale
The air I breathe is old and stale
Humans are such lecherous waste
An uphill battle I have faced

Thieving scum and political facades
Special interests cater to their gods
We are a virus that continues to spread
Honor and dignity are so fucking dead

Lies are the way of man
Catch deception if you can
Protect yourself with a shield of hate
Search for a means to sedate
Escaping what in fact is real
Worn down I now no longer feel
When apathy is common place
I want to leave the human race

Life is torture with no reward
The ways of man (are) so abhorred
We do not deserve to exist
Suicide so hard to resist


It's so sad how degenerate we are
Barely civilized yet come so far
We waste and use and throw away
And it continues every day

Almighty dollar makes the world go round
Whether you scream or make no sound
We all are so insignificant
Why do I want to live in a world like this?

Trust No One! [x5]

Who wants to bring a child into a world like this?
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Trust No One Lyrics

Tearstained – Trust No One Lyrics