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Creme Brulee Lyrics

Taylor Bennett – Creme Brulee Lyrics

[Hook: Taylor Bennett(x2)]
Riding around with a new K
Everything foreign, fans from the UK
Keep a tech on me if it's hectic ok
Grew up with niggas that's moving that weight
Money on the counter whippin' creme brulee
Gotta get it if you gotta getting guap not a case
With a squad full of drillers, and a mouth full of herb
On the curb with the bird nigga you know what's the word

[Verse 1: Taylor Bennett]
TTFUFUN, turn the fuck up and fuck you niggas
I be riding with my homies moving bars like I'm the prison
If you want it I can cop it baby you know how I get it
I ain't never been in college but I heard that shit was crackin'
Off our side that get you wacked, haters on my dick release
You know my shit be cracking, and I stay with hella shorties like sandusky
But I'm rapping beat I rape it then I take it race it down my paycheck
If I get it then I got it I could never trade it
I be with that green Jamaican, shorty said she was Asian
Now she gotta turn and tell her friends that she was half Jamaican
I'm black too so I guess shorty that must be blazing
Turn up turn up turn up, you know this a party and you had too much Bacardi
So now all up in on me, shorty get the hell up off me Im tryna get on these commas
With my fofo's like Obama burn up like Osama bitch

[Hook: Taylor Bennett(x2)]

[Verse 2: Lil Herb]
Fuck nigga it's G Herbo what's the word
Spit crack a couple [?] for the verse
Posted on the block with them killers smoking dope while they serve
What you mean homie? Pull up on the curb
Me and all my niggas we them niggas been them niggas
Since lil niggas played with us and watch them 40s go berserk
Pull up on your block with them 30s and them Glocks
Let em' pop hollows flying from the first one to the third
Nigga I get money and bitch, don't talk bout money to bitches
And while you cuffing them bitches I swim in puddles of bitches
I'on fuck with them niggas so if you fuck with them niggas
That mean you fuck with them snitches get hit by one these 50s
And for Lil Roc and PeeWee bitch I'm off dutches and remy
You steady calling your bitch up I'm getting sucked in the Hemy
Everytime when you kiss her you kiss a bunch of NOLIMIT's
In the crib while you stressing I'm counting hundreds and fifties
Reason I love finnesing I came from crumbles and pennies
And keep my Smith & Wesson if I see one of them niggas
Mad max get to blasting if we see one them niggas
We lost a bunch of our niggas don't give a fuck bout no niggas
Big nickle get to blasting knock a chunk off a nigga
I been cashing I keep balling I might dunk on a nigga
Ridin' round with them choppers pop the trunk on an nigga
Disrespecting my niggas put you right under my niggas

[Hook: Taylor Bennett(x2)]
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