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The Break Up Song Lyrics

Super Dee Tha Kid – The Break Up Song Lyrics

We been together for a while I thought you were the best
I was wrong now I have to go and get this off my chest
It's not you it's me... I never second guessed
But you be a better girl if you were an ex
Relationship was a test it's like schools on
You failed instead of holding you back i'll let you move on
Not it's not another girl keep your shoes on
I gotta cut you off right here I know it seems wrong
Not because our 1 year was within week
I would've bought you a gift girl I'm never cheap
We'd be better apart girl you shouldn't weep
All up on my facebook see now you tryna sneak
Look through my messages tryna be a creep
Team faithful in this bitch I would never cheat
Damn I'm still thinking of the memories
I'm not what you need so I think that I should leave

We stayed fussing all day tried to shape up
You'd push me and try to tear my face up
I can't lie I loved when me made up
But I want more than that so we should break up
We were both in love with the s**
But that's the only thing that took away the stress
For me to have you girl I was really blessed
I wanna label you as a ex lets break up'

I know you don't want it to but it has to happen
I was so stressed out time to start relaxing
Put on a show for everybody did you hear the clapping
Now the show got cancelled girl I'm sick of acting
You were a great girlfriend but you had some flaws
And I got pass those thought we had it all
You were the structure to my house how'd you make it fall
I guess it was just a random earth quake
Ima still chill with you on your birthday
But I'm better off being single and that's for her sake
Best believe you'll be hard to replace
But an "us" in the future is a well known mistake
They say don't fix it if it ain't broke
But it's broken and I don't wanna fix it so why'd you bring the tape for?
We have been together since may 4th
Causing problems and I'm sick of all these problems us together gonna make


Breaking up is hard to do moving on is harder
Imagine how it would be if I was a father
I'm not stacking up girls like a can of pringles
I kinda want a girlfriend but I'm better single
This is a break up song the alternate of cheating
I only want one girl two is never needed
Cause if I ever tried to cheat I wouldn't have a reason
And I'm the only single nigga during cuffing season
You were the best ex and it's kinda sad
Because you weren't included in what I planned next
You were a interest
And if I stuck to your side it was gonna kill me like a semtex
You tryna get back at me like I'm the mad hatter
I know you can do better I'm not mad at ya
You can come crying to me but it wont matter
It wont matter no it wont matter


Lets break up [x4]
Lets break up
Break-break-break up
If I'm the man of your dreams you need to wake up
You better off without me so lets break up
You don't really need me lets break up
I think it would be better if we break up
Now I realized that I made a big mistake
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