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I'm Fresh Lyrics

Super Dee Tha Kid – I'm Fresh Lyrics


Hopped Up On The Scene!
Your Swag On Scrooge But My Swagger Matter
I'm Climbing Up The Ladder My Swagger Is A Dagger
Black And White Camaro Looking Like A Badger
Looking Like A Badger (Yes!)
The Girls Say I'm Fresh
I'm Not A Human Being The Haters Wanna Be It
Swagger On Invisible can't Nobody See It
I'm A Super! And Everybody Tryna Be That
Wanna Wear What I Wear Then Overseas Is Where It Be At
Team Super ent Yeah We Going Harder
My Swagger Snatching Up Broads You Better Hide Your Daughter
I'm Swagging From High School All The Way To Harvard
But When it's Video Time I Bring It Back To Hoggard
If You Not Swagged Out don't Even Bother
I'm Like A Swagger Father I'm Balling Like A Dodger
And Everybody Know That I'm Best Dressed (Yes!)
Hands Down (Yes! Yes!)
Basically I'm Fresh


3 Years Ago When I First Started
I Used To Walk Outside Looking Real Retarded
I Used To Look A Mess The Girls Were Never Pressed
I Was Bummy Back Then Walking Round Like I'm Fresh

3 Years Later Now I'm Really Something
I Left Behind My Bummy Swag Now They See Me Stunting
The Girls Used To Front Now They All Up On My Set
Like Super Dee Yeah He The Best
And When They See Me Out They Tell Me I'm Fresh

[Verse 2:]

Swagger Got Em Dancing Like The Hokey Pokey
Snapback Swag Marvel Tokidoki
My Swag Like The Flu Putting Yall To Rest
My Swagger Is A Test Walking Round Saying I'm Fresh
My Swagger Used To Be Broke I Had To Do Some Healing
I Copped A Couple Shillings And Now I'm Worth A Million
Swag Or Die And None Of Yall Are Living
Girls Hop On They Feet When I'm In The Building
Your Swag Stuck On The Ground Mines Is Past The Ceiling
Kryptonite In My Chain They Say That I'm A Villain
Fur Coats Played Out So I don't Do The Killing
And If You Want Some Swagger Tips You Know I'm Very Willing
I Got Em Mad They Not With The Team
Team Droid But My Phone Is With At&t
My Swag Is Worth A Bill No Less
I'm Doing This No Stress
I Got The Magazine Saying I'm Fresh

[Hook x2]
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