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Hey You Girl Lyrics

Super Dee Tha Kid – Hey You Girl Lyrics

Let me Talk To You Just For a Second
You Like a Angel In My Eyes Sent Down From Heaven
You Got a Man Well Just Tell Him To Get To Stepping
And I Know You Feeling Me Like 9/11
You Wanna Know My Name I Go By Super Dee
I'm With Darkside You Probably Heard Of Me
You Not Conceited But Your The Shit To Me
In a Enzo Switch Lanes Making History
Like Teflon I'll Take a Shot for you
On my michael jackson I wanna rock with you
Take your Clothes off girl I'm too hot for you
Trapgurl With Two Rachets I wanna Pop With You
You Need A Man You don't Need No Buddy Buddy
You Real Smart I Can Be Your Study Buddy
Hard Times I can Be Your Cuddy Buddy
You The One I want Cause all the others ugly

(Hook x2)

Girl You Know I Like You Saw You From A Distance
Picture Us In a 3rd World And We Kissing
When I'm On Tour it's you that I'm missing
You know I'm on a mission HEY YOU!

First Off Her Name Rhymes With Mona Lisa
In a chrysler 300 Yeah we blowing reefa
Take you to Kuwait so we can blow shisha
Whole world on our backs because we so ether
You the next michelle I'm so presidential
Buy you cars on the spot so you don't need a rental
I'm not your bestie 'cause I got boyfriend potential
Me and you on the beach we so sedimental
Bonnie and clyde of 09 that's irrelevant
On a spree me and you no evidence
All your ex boyfriends you know I'm better than
Girl we gonna have a future it aint no telling when
Girl to me you worth the wait if you celabit
Me and you drunk passed out yeah we hella bent
Future Entrepreneursmaking hella cents
First time I seen you and I been better since

(Hook x2)

Ok So You Remember My Face
Well I Never Seen You Must Have Been Myspace
On your myspace I'm number one on your top 8
Like emrill in the kitchen I'll fix you hot plates
Me and you in cancun we on a hot date
The way you look make gay guys wanna go straight
The way you look make girls wanna go lesbian
Out of this world girl you a extraterrestrian
Me and you girl lets make history
In the relationship it's no misery
I want a sexy girl just like mystery
Me and you like harry potter we make wizardry
New years we just kiss till the ball drops
I laugh while you wild out on the mall cop
Your body just like a boat because it all rocks
When I see you in a thong you make my jaw drop

(Hook x2)

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