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Skinny Pack Lyrics

Super Dee Tha Kid – Skinny Pack Lyrics

Bow! Bow Bow Bow I'm Where The Semis At
Yall Stressing I'm Out Here Flexing With My Skinny Pack
See A Badd Girl With Her Man I'm Like Give Me That
Skinny Nigga Movement But My Pockets Semi Fat
But I Aint Messing With Haters My Haters Semi Wack
They Hating Cause I Got Paper And I Aint Into That
They Hating Cause I Do It Big Like An Aristocrat
It's Swag Or Die And I'm Killing THem Like A Heart Attack
They Say I'm Super Skinny it's Just Because I'm Winning
Rib Cage Bird Chest They Calling Feed The Children
And You Know I don't Really Care Because I Please Their Women
They Tryna Kick A Nigga Out Because I'm In The Building
BCM! Bird Chest Movement
Ima Keep It Living Only Nigga That Would Do It
Skinny Nigga Lifestyle Skinny Nigga Music
If You don't Believe Me Watch How I Do This


I'm Flexing 2.0 that's My Body fat
Muscles Nahh I Aint Got a lot Of That
Everything Skinny My Pockets Looking Semi Fat
Flexing 2.0 Me And My Skinny Pack
Skinny Ass Body Still Walk Around Shirtless
Tooth Pick Arms Show You How I Work This
Ribcage Showing Show Me Where The Remy At
In A Lambo With Your Girl Me And My Skinny Pack

Yeah I'm Super Skinny But You don't Wanna Test It
Put Your SeatBelt On Super Dee Is Wreckless
I'm Racking Up On You Squares You Can Call It Tetris
Skinny Nigga But I'm Eating Not A Anorexic
I Got Em Mad Why Cause They Super Fat
And I'm Super Skinny Which Mean I Can Do Plenty
These Girls Growing On Trees But You Aint Getting Any
Kinda Like Forbidden Fruit Super Dee Is Grubbing
I don't Gotta GangBang Cause I'm Corporate Thugging
Big Went Out Of Style Skinny What They Loving
I Turned It Up Now I'm Hotter Than A Fucking Oven
I'm Over Getting Love (What You Getting?) Nothing
They Hate Me Cause I'm Skinny They Say I'm Underweight
Which Prolly Mean You Fat That Mean You Out OF Shape
Frosted Flakes Lifestyle Everything I Do Is Great
Bird Chest Killing Yall So I'll See You At Your Wake


Flexing 2.0 Man I don't Care
Showing Off My Beach Body But it's Nothing There
Skinny Versus Fat People Yeah it's Time For War
Turn Around Yeah You Can See My Spinal Cord
Everything Skinny that's The Mixtape
If You SKinny With No Girls you're A Disgrace
Can't Be Skinny And Lame that's For Wack People
And You can't Be Dumb Bummy that's For Fat People
Take My Shirt Off All The Girls Go Crazy
You Take Your Shirt Off All The Girls Start Laughing
Laughing Yeah You Mad that's Why You Spazzing
Skinny Is The Fashion Muscles Are Unattractive
Skinny Body With No Shirt If You Looking For Me
Don't Ask If I Eat Your Shorty Cooking For Me
Get Right Or Get Left I'm A Master Chef
Skinny Nigga Movement And Ima Rep It Til The Death

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