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Mega Man Lyrics

Super Dee Tha Kid – Mega Man Lyrics

Vtz go!

Ima Go Hard In This Game Yeah Forever Man
In the club with no gwap that's a never man
And I'm genuine like leather on a letterman
Ice On The Chain And it's shiney Like Mega Man

Watch This New Hit Get Pulled Like a Lever Man
Got Smart Money Stacks einstein Clever man
Take it back to the old school like sega man
Blue diamond chain same color as mega man
Hating people in the rap game get severed man
Every song I do yeah I endevor man
You wanna compare chains to see who's better man?
Mines gonna win mega man it's whatever man
Check my torso chain brighter then a light bright
Walk up in the clib and it's like I'm rockin nightlights
And you know my swag so sick like a stripe blight
Glass like diamond cut you up like a knife fight
Loook at my mega man ice got me shivering
Hyped off that read bull got the kid jittering
Girls in the club throw it back Ass Jiggling
On some other stuff. Stones bigger than ritalin


Mega Manx9
Ice On The Chain And It's Shiney Like Mega Man

The Kid So wavy Swag Surfing Like I'm In The Navy
G-Shock On My Wrist Make The Ladies go Crazy
Your Kids Praise me I'm all natural
Growing from the ground up something like a daisy
What's a Mega Man (What!) it's a Chain Boy
Only Time You Had a Mega Man was On Your Gameboy
Can't Go a Day Without People Saying My Name Boy
Spitting That Heat Call me Super Dee Tha Flame Boy
All Your Chains Fake Aint Nothing But a Imitator
Taking Yall Out Call The Kid a Eliminator
You don't Want to say names so you a subliminator
Chain So Bright That They Call it a Co-generator
I'm so Fresh and I'm Hotter then a Barbecue
You can Check My Swag And The Rest Will follow You
Something Like a Whale My Mega Man Will Swallow You
Chain is A Distraction In School Because It Bothers You


Mega Manx9
Ice On The Chain And It's Shiney Like Mega Man
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