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The Vicious Circle Lyrics

Stract – The Vicious Circle Lyrics

[Spoken Word: Alan Watts]
So then let's consider, first of all
What is a mind in the grip of vicious circles
Well, one of the most obvious instances that we all know
Is the phenomenon of worry
You are worried because you worry because you worry
That is a vicious circle
When you're alone, nobody saying anything
There's nothing to do
There's this, this worry
This lack of distraction
I'm left alone with myself, and I wanna get away from myself
I'm always wanting to get away from myself
That's why I go to the movies, that's why I read mystery stories
That's why I go after, to girls
Or anything that you do, or get drunk or whatever
I don't wanna be with myself
So, well why do you wanna run away from yourself
What's so bad about it?
Why do you wanna forget this?
Why do you wanna become yourself?
Cause you keep telling yourself
Where you are, who you are, what's going on
How good it is, how bad it is
So, there's a difficulty about stopping that activity
And you really have to stop if you want to be sane
But first of all, you have to learn how to stop thinking
Well how do you do that?
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