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Blue Lyrics

Stract – Blue Lyrics

[Intro: Stract]
One time for your motherfuckin' mind
Check, check
One two, one two

[Verse 1: Stract]
Do you believe in me?
My mind's not where it needs to be
Can people see that dreams can be the
Reason we are easily discouraged
Then we cease to be the people that we seized to be
It seems to me we dream our dreams in secrecy
Repeatedly, I feel I need the key to keep the peace in me
So please hurry, cause I'm falling into pieces
All it means to me is I'ma need to be a genius
Or appear it, cause I need them to hear it
I'm pouring out my spirit 'til I got no more to give them and I'm fearing
That my time is disappearing, but I'll keep persevering
'Til my knees are weak and you will see what your approval means to me, a
Freak indeed
I'm eagerly but frequently and leisurely just writing rhymes
In time they'll be a piece of me, so take it
Piece of cake, and make it like a feast, you see it's
Easy, breezy, so please be kind and see me
Hear me out and clear your doubt, in time you will believe me

[Chorus: Stract]
I'm blue
I'm blue

[Verse 2: Stract]
I'm out for presidents to represent me, and evidently gotta
Press against the odds against me, you can't prevent me reaching
Precedence beyond extents we can visualize, I'm talking
Heaven-sent, a godly emcee, I spit and I'm ripping the rhymes in
Bits and shreds, it's elementary, there ain't no limit in my
Equipment shed, it's condescending, it is a different kind of
Vibe the type of rhymes I'm sending, with every verse dispersed
Exert the work and I'm ascending, ever since birth immersed in
Thirst to win, the first human to burst you when I'm rocking mics
I'm never flopping when they're mocking, I'm the archetype
And now they're calling me a wanna-be, that's comedy
Cause honestly, my apologies but I'm a gotta-be
I oughta be, cause it's my odyssey, it's in my prophecy
We may not agree, but ain't nobody ever stopping me
And life is like monopoly, if you play it properly
There's nothing you cannot achieve

[Chorus: Stract]
I'm blue
I'm blue

[Verse 3: Stract]
Now I'm in need of peacekeeping cause I'm feeling defeated
I'm sinking knee-deep into fatigue, deceiving people
Speak, "keep preaching," but they be decreasing in
Believing in me, they don't see me succeeding
I'm caught in between and now I'm screaming, "fuck feelings,"
How long can I compete with them? I'm not a machine
I'm running after one dream to turn this into something
And I assume that must mean I'll tell the truth and come clean
I'm wishing I wasn't shy, I wish to be recognized
I'm wishing that I could fly, I wish I was on the rise
I'm wishing I wasn't low, I wish I could touch the sky
I'm wishing I wasn't broken, I wish I would never cry
I'm wishing they'd tell the truth, and I'm wishing they'd never lie
I wish I was not a fool, I'm wishing I was more bright
I'm wishing I could improve, I wish I could make it right
I'm wishing I wasn't blue, and these are the reasons why

[Chorus: Stract]
I'm blue
I'm blue

[Outro: Stract]
One time for your motherfuckin' mind
'18, and on and on (and on and on)
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