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Or Die Trying (feat. D. Mez) Lyrics

Stract – Or Die Trying (feat. D. Mez) Lyrics

[Verse 1: D. Mez]
I been dreaming big, I don't sleep long
Cause I been playing Jay and I been watching Pac
I been studying Nas, spitting "Rap God"
Dropping hot bombs like I'm Doggy Dog
Real shit, that's hip hop
Bumping "Juice" and "Juicy" on repeat
It's been ten years and it's still hot
Truth be told, y'all feed me
But goddamn, people killing the flow
Ain't no justice for the music, it's gone
Ain't nobody spitting lyrics no more
Cause they sleep-talking turning autotune on
I only sleep when I dream 'til I get what I want
Real shit, I'm spilling feelings bitch
And I'm killing it quick with non-written shit
Like Biggie did, born sinner kid
I'ma kill this shit or I'ma die trying
Got a death wish like I tried dying
24/7 never stop grinding
You can get dropped until you stop whining
Lately I been finding inspiration
Kendrick and Cole because they never faking it
I can relate because I'm never playing
But everyone still wanna claim allegations
Rather be real and fair, fuck all the hatred
So I'll take the role cause the world changed me
And I'ma search for feelings cause I don't bluff
Anti-violent when I throw shots
If they throw some, never gonna run
Because it's never over 'til what's done is done
And I'ma steal the win, and now the game is won
And I'll be dreaming big until I'm number one

[Verse 2: Stract]
When I was just a young man
I started bumping Biggie, Pac, and the N.W.A
Dreaming maybe one day, I could say
Everything I wanted to, in their way
I wanna be like them, see like them
Eat, breathe, sleep, I wanna dream like them
Make a killing off it, selling feelings for a living
'til I'm beginning to win and start to feel like them
I wanna be like that, I wanna be the top dog
I wanna bleed my craft, I will idealize rap
Because I wanna get my game up and eventually get framed up
On a wall, the hall of fame, and I just realized that
I could die trying, or I could do it
Long as I'm willing to pursue it
But it's got a price to pay, another dollar, 'nother day
But I always know to say I gotta work and push through it
And if I work and push through I
Gathered everything that I need for the W-I-
N, here we go again
You either do or die trying when it's coming to and end
And when I'm spitting knitty gritty
And the flow is pretty witty
Got a little bit of pity
For the people in my city
That forget it, never sweating
Don't forget it, cause I'm shredding
Everybody that they let in
I'm not letting them forget it
Cause I'm backing every fact
With an attack into the back
And they been clapping to the raps
I think I'll wrap up the impact
I'm getting patted on the back
I'm the alpha of the pack
Check my stats and never lack
When Ab-Stract raps
And you'll never see me quitting
The winners never quitting and the quitters never winning
I'm beginning to reveal the inner villain
I'ma kill the opposition
Or I'ma die trying
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