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Flowers (Remix) Lyrics

Stract – Flowers (Remix) Lyrics

Here are these melodies
Here are these melodies
Here are these melodies

[Verse: Stract]
If I plant this seed, when will it become a flower?
If I had this dream, when will I possess its power?
If my passion leaves will I be pronounced a coward?
Let them down and be surrounded by a crowd that I'm a clown to?
If it travels out my reach will I be frowned upon and laughed at?
On the ground, announced defeat and beaten down because of the fact that
I cannot seem to fathom if I'm Steven or I'm Ab-Stract
But I cannot breathe without it, now I feel the impact rap has on me
But to succeed, I need the sweet within the sour
Need the good within the bad, I need to feed or be devoured
Bleed or seek to counter, believe and overpower
These thoughts that haunt my mind and find a release when I encounter
Darkness, doubts, and downers, I believe that I have found the
Way to harness power, now the answer's all around us

[Bridge: Stract]
If time is money, then money must be the power
If money is time, I need months, weeks, and hours
To win, once again, it's the game of life
And making flowers grow from seeds will take time

Here are these melodies
Here are these melodies

[Verse 2: Stract]
If I want the power, I'm gonna need the time to find it
If I want it now, I'll have to work with what's provided
Sparks ignited, enlightened by the light inside the guidance
Bright enough to fight the night providing sight despite blindness
Inspiring to the eye of one who aspires to write righteous
Rhymes when in defiance of slight dividers that defy is
I'm tied up by the crisis, but life is full of surprises
So we leave it all behind us and try to climb up the highest
The fight in us that supplies us with victory is inside us
Sometimes we need to hear and envision it to remind us
Winning it in spite of conditions is what will guide us
To make our flowers grow, it is the seed that will define us

Here are these melodies
Here are these melodies
Here are these melodies
Here are these melodies
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