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Or Die Trying, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Stract – Or Die Trying, Pt. 2 Lyrics

[Verse 1: SALEM]
I’m so vicious on the rhyme though
Don’t you dare step to me
I got the recipe
You cannot mess with me
I know
You feeling this ain’t ya
You cannot harbor your feelings
I’ll never be quitting
I’ll only be winning
Been praying to God, man, I been sinning and sinning and sinning
I eat competition
24/7 I do want all of the smoke
No I don’t toke
Yes I do smoke
Not greens just nicotine
It’s holding me down that’s addiction though
Oh no
I'ma get it now
I'ma let it out
I'ma spit like a god
Once I get going man I ain’t gonna stop
I am a villain, call on the cops

[Verse 2: Stract]
Soon as the track is beginning I'm hitting the scene
Viciously killing the beat, witness me rip it in three minutes (three
Retreat quick cause I'm never defeated and it's never a weak finish
My villains, I'll diminish them
Finish them and I'm spilling the beans vividly
Critics will be sent to the clinic, cause the
Adrenaline's picking up quick, and with the
Lyrical shit, standing the
Critical hits can be the end it'll be
Wrapped up in seconds
No competitors, everyone else replicas
I'm on the next level, I'm slamming them like a wrestler facts
Nobody better than Stract, the living legend, I'm back
I load the clip and attack by spitting reckless on tracks
I'm quick witted and visibly quick with it (quick with it)
Every lyric that's spitted is exquisite (exquisite)
I need to give it a minute before I'm winning
Cause livings are never given to citizens unwilling to give it

[Verse 3: SALEM]
Unwilling to give it
You give what you get
I'ma get rich
Or i'ma die trying
I’m frying these rappers
No I’m not lying
No hiding these rappers
I’m not a trapper, I’m a disaster
Salem and Stract kickin' facts on a track has become such a factor
We are a hazard
We Going to back to back
We don’t lack no lack
Your rhymes wack no cap
You know we back on that real
I don’t hold back, man, i’m on the attack
Talking that shit and you’re gonna get smacked
I don’t waste time shit I’m so done with that
I’ll lead the team just call me your cap
If you don’t got no skill don’t you ask for collabs
Or I’ll hop on your shit and make sure you collapse
It isn’t my fault that your music is trash (trash)

[Verse 4: Stract]
Think of what you want and imagine a million more people
Want the same thing and then all of them aiming to be
Hot and then claimed king, and that thoughts an insane thing
So you're constantly breaking down and caught up in waiting to be Called an
Amazing rapper, heart in the game, bringing it
All that you got, but then you flop and then start quitting
Don't give in just rip it apart, give it unlimited heart
Spilling your feelings and sparks will light up all of your dark visions
You're mission's to start killing it, live like you're starving 'til you
Sit in the top position and hit them like car collisions
The minute they start to listen by filling their minds with lines
Sharper than sharp scissors
It's simple, there's no contest, enemies be abolished
I'm spawning more heat recording from in a closet
Life can never pause, there's no withdrawals, just deposits
Gotta watch your pockets and the clock cause it'll cost you some

[Verse 5: SALEM]
Time to get busy
If you mean business then come along with me
We running the city
This shit is so litty
I’m showing no pity
You claim that you big, but I see that your mini
Im always on fleek while you look like a hippie
Rap is my drug man I’m feelin' so trippy
I’m dizzy, you with me? I rhyme like a puzzle they tell me I’m tricky
I told them it’s easy they calling me silly
No I’m not silly
I’m just keeping it real
Guess we gon' do this here without a deal
The game's up for grabs but I’m here just to steal
Hear all my lyrics I’m harder than steel
The man made of steel
I’m in no need of a shield
That is for reals
These are my skills
All I needs a beat for me just to kill

[Verse 6: Stract]
Tell me who you believe in
Cause you don't ever know who'll eventually be succeeding
Put together the pieces, from this dream I'm never leaving
My thesis is to get heated and flow cold in any season
The reason I can't be beaten is my beats just be the cleanest
Not to be conceited, but my will cannot be weakened and it
Only increases until I'll be six feet deep in
I change minds one at a time with my rhymes like telekinesis
Take it or leave it, I'm sick with it like diseases and this
Is my release, so part two is just what I needed, piece of
What Salem and me give, stuck in your head, adhesive
We'll make all of you our sons, our daughters, nephews, and our nieces
Since fetuses we've been grinding, deals are not what we're signing but
Do more of seeking before we do more of finding as we
Continue shining, shining bright like a diamond
Our time is one thing we need, in the meantime, we'll be refining
Or die trying
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