Dressed to kill with chains and spikes
Out for beer'n booze and things we like

But where to go on a Saturday night?
Good holes are hard to find when you're...

Hooked hooked Hooked hooked
Loaded as hell - feeling quiet well
Hooked hooked Hooked hooked
Down of the floor - still need some more
Hooked hooked Hooked hooked
That's the price when you're hooked
Hooked on Metal ha ha ha...

Hit the bar, but there're no chicks
Just nerds and scum and poser pricks

So let us brawl on this Saturday night
Wimps are not hard to grind when you're...

Make them run, poser scum - Hooked on Metal
Bang your head, blood and sweat - Hooked on Metal
Carnage site, Metal fight - Hooked on Metal
No esteem, make them scream - Hooked on Metal
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Hooked On Metal Lyrics

Steelpreacher – Hooked On Metal Lyrics