Thank you all for being here, to us it means a lot
So shoot your wife, get a beer and give us all you got
I say: Don't sway - call it Rock'n Roll!

Bang your head, raise your fist, let the beer be cold
Don't think of the future now we're not getting old
'Cause of - my friend call it alcohol

Don't get sober, don't you stray
Heavy Metal is our fucking way

Bang your heads and raise your glass
Hell bent for beer
So move your ass
Being a drunkard takes it's toll
But that's how it goes when you play
Rock'n Roll

Come on all you metalheads, this one's for your ears
Your liver hurts? Give it some more beers
Do it all day - drinkin' alcohol!

If you wake up weary and you don't feel so well
Get some friends, get some beer - start to drink like hell
If your neighbours tell you, your metal makes them mad
Shoot them too, play it loud and bang your fuckin' head
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Hell Bent For Beer Lyrics

Steelpreacher – Hell Bent For Beer Lyrics