I have claimed this live my own
I can't help but feel I'm not alone
And I don't give a fuck about what you say

They say Satan waits for me
I say HELL YEAH - so let it be
Because he's the only one that gets me right

Don't you try to stop me
I've made a choice that's far beyond what's right or wrong
I know that you won't understand
But hell's the place that I belong

Drinking with the devil
Party in hell
Drinking with the devil
Why don't you be there as well

Sitting here and drink a lot
Meet Paul Baloff and Bon Scott
So tell me, how much better could it possibly be?

We're running try, but don't get bored
Depredate Satan's private hoard
You know, the hotter the place - the colder the beer

Come with us, hold on tight
We start raising hell and we do it on site...
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Drinking With The Devil Lyrics

Steelpreacher – Drinking With The Devil Lyrics