Hear the calling of the horn itґs leading us to war.
The troops of Metal want you by their side.
You have sworn the oath once and today is the day
To prove that your heart is true as steel can be

March to the final battle legions in black
Raging Metal warriors gather for attack

Face the false ones on the field of honor,
Make them pay in blood now for all their evil lies.
Smash those bastards with a fist of iron
As they cry for mercy let them taste your steel

March to the final battle legions of steel
Finding death or glory but weґll never kneel

Hail to the ancient glory
Gods of war beware
Blood and steel ride by my side
Thereґs nothing left to fear
Into war

Providence appointed us to win this battle
Get your swords now this day will be ours
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Into War Lyrics

Steelpreacher – Into War Lyrics