Riding through woods at night
Enraged I spur my horse
The shining moon's the only light
I'll kill without remorse

They will die by my sword

I know where to ride, and I'll make them die
They shall pay for their raid
All my clan, my friends, my wife
Be avenged by my blade

Revenge be mine!

Out of the shadows arises the swordsman
Wrath and justice fulfil his heart
Guided by vengeance battles the swordsman
Take on your victims and tear them apart

I feel a flame ignite my soul
An unhuman gloom
I am their foe, their fate, their death
The bringer of their doom

Feel the darkness arise

I'll cut their throats and I'll lance their hearts
Crushing skulls and bones
Embodiment of hate and pain
A torturer of souls

Death'll be no relief

Coated in shadows arises the swordsman
Anguish and vengeance fulfil his soul
Controlled by fury rages the swordsman
Women and children - kill them all

One with the shadows arises the swordsman
Blood lust and madness made his soul burn
Possessed by darkness rages the demon
A soul pledged to darkness, there's no return
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...Of War And Vengeance Lyrics

Steelpreacher – ...Of War And Vengeance Lyrics