Try to voice what you believe
They're keeping tabs on you
Overwhelming opposition
Nothing you can do
Fighting a war that you can't win
Your people you defend
You're just a pawn in their big game
No glory in the end

Victim of the system
In guerrilla war
Victim of the system
Can't take it anymore
Victim of the system
I don't wanna be
Victim of the system
In this society

Clashing with the left wing
Clashing with the right
Doesn't matter what side you're on
It's a never ending fight
The people only listen to what the tv tells them to
Burning the fucking parliament is what we gotta do

Smash smash, smash the state
And any symbols that relate
Hang the traitors in control
Now's your chance to do your role
Destroy it all so we can start fresh
This ideology is the best
Go out and fight get off your ass
So we can revive the working class
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Victim Of The System Lyrics

Spirit Of The Patriot – Victim Of The System Lyrics