I wanted more beer I wanted it for free
But the faggot behind the counter would not give it to me
He called the fuckin cops 'cause I tried to rob the store
The stupid fuckin judge said, I can't drink no more

What the fuck am I to do?
I wanna drink more beer!
What the fuck am I to do
I wanna drink more beer right fuckin now

I wanted more beer some 40’s and whiskey
But the fag behind the counter would not give it to me
He pulled a fuckin gun cuz I threw a brick at his head
But he forgot to fuckin load it
Boy I bet his face must have been red

(Repeat Chorus)

Sbc Drunk Punks...

I've spent many fucking nights
Hanging out with sbc
Drinkin' mad dog wine and nattys
Breaking in to the factory
We threw a fucking fridge
Off the highest fucking floor
Right now I'm in mexifornia
But soon I'll be back in salem for more

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, I guess that’s a little taste of my memories... Beer politics
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Beer Politics Lyrics

Spirit Of The Patriot – Beer Politics Lyrics