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Oi Oi Greek Boy Lyrics

Spirit Of The Patriot – Oi Oi Greek Boy Lyrics

A patriot, a nationalist standing strong and proud
Fighting for his cause and being drunk and loud
One of a kind a diamond in the rough
Nerves of steel Hellenic blooded and tough
He knows the truth his head is in the right place
If you mess with him he’ll fuckin smash your face
He ain't a fake person his honour is true
A golden patriot of the white and blue

Oi oi greek boy fight for folk and family
Oi oi greek boy brings the best outta me
Oi oi greek boy he's my best friend
Oi oi greek boy he’ll be with you till the end
Oi oi greek boy Hellenic punk rocker
Oi oi greek boy what a malaka
Oi oi greek boy his heart is true
Oi oi Greek boy for the white and blue

He’ll keep his faith when things are looking grim
It's impossible to give up his pride is within
By the lights of his eyes and the light of thy sword
He’ll fight against the enemy for his nation and folk
A true European descendant of the greats
His heart is filled with love not an ounce of hate
And you can count on him when the shit hits the fan
He’s a one in a million true Hellenic man
(Repeat Chorus)

You can't stop us you can't stop us
Oh yea, oh yea, oh yea, Zhtw h ellas
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