Unrest is in my country there's people in the streets their getting really
Pissed off and smashing everything I wanna go and join them what do I have
To lose everybodys doing it it's all over the news don't really like the left
Don't really like the right I just wanna break some stuff and start abuncha
Fights I gotta fuckin facemask for my face that I must hide now it's time to
Fuck shit up and go out in the night Hellenic riots are cool hey lets burn
Down this
School! Hellenic riots are fun it's therapeutic for everyone, yes it is I'm
Starting lots of fires but I'm choking from the mace I'm following some
Hooligans that's fucking up this place we smashed a fucking market and took
All the fucking
Beer what better way to treat myself for thinking oh so clear now I got a
Brick guess I'll throw it at those cops who the fuck they think they are
Telling me to stop I'll keep destroying everything because it's really fun
Reinforcements coming after us now it's time to run Hellenic riots are cool
Hey lets burn down this school! Greek riots are fun it's therapeutic for
Everyone, oh yes it is ya know what I really like doing, is putting on a
And going out there and standing with the anarchists and they think I'm one
Of them, and then bash em in the fucking head with A brick and then run
Back into the crowd, it's fucking hilarious watching those bastards bleed
Ya it is Greek riots are cool hey lets burn down this school! Hellenic
Riots are cool
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Hellenic Riots Are Cool Lyrics

Spirit Of The Patriot – Hellenic Riots Are Cool Lyrics