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The Future Of Hellas Lyrics

Spirit Of The Patriot – The Future Of Hellas Lyrics

Left wing pigs in the parliament
An unfortunate thing that we all resent
The odds are against you you fight to live
The utmost loyalty that you give
Economy is bad and bug business succumbed
To hire filthy Turkish and Albanian scum
They give them citizenship, they let them stay
They wanna mix you up and take your culture away

Standing proud with your heads held high
You wont sit back and watch your people die
You’re the golden voice of the Hellenic youth
They try to silence you cause you speak the truth
Hellenic pride will still remain
The spirit of Zeus flows through your veins
Refuse to surrender never give in
Embrace the Hellenic spirit within

They throw you in jail the situation is shit
They wanna get rid of the patriot
But that can't happen it never will
The spirit of the patriot cannot be killed
So keep on fighting do what you do
The future of Hellas is depending on you
We will never assimilate we‘re here to stay
They will never fade our culture away

(Repeat Chorus)

Sanding strong against our enemies
They try to steal our history
They are jealous barbarians inferior scum
Pretty soon their time will come
Macedonia is Geek and Cyprus too
Under the glorious cross of the white and blue
We’ll destroy the turks we’ve had enough
And once again Constantinople will belong to us
(Repeat Chorus)
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