Life is sometimes like a rodeo
You get thrown off, you gotta get back on.
Trying to cope with all the pushing and shoving and
Realising that you're not that strong.

But I never feel like that with you.
I hear your words and I realise what I must do
Yeah, you hold my life together like glue.

Rainy morning and I'm driving to work
The windscreen wipers wash the water away.
Reminds me of a tissue and my eyes in the
Sadder part of life called yesterday.

Yeah, there's times I feel I'd fallen apart.
But your words ring through and they seem to mend my heart
Yeah, you hold my life together like glue.

Gotta get my life right now before sundown
Before sundown.

Friday night and the working weeks done
Grab a six-pack and a bottle of scotch.
Yeah I like to drink a little and,
Yeah maybe you're right it's a crutch

But I never drink like that around you
You give me life and a future hope that is true
Yeah, you put my life together like glue.
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Glue Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Glue Lyrics