Well, you know when I called you mate,
Well I meant to say baby.
And you know that you make me feel great
And it’s driving me crazy.

You’re just so sweet
You bring a happy beat to my heart.

I say baby, life is great around you
Girl you make me a winner
And baby, there ain’t nothing else I should do
Though this man is a sinner

I think it’s called syncopation
When my heart misses beats around you
Hope it’s not fibrillation
Otherwise my life could be through

You’re just so sweet
You could be the missing beat in my heart

I say baby, I feel you in the pulse of my heart
And I know I’m alive
And then baby, it tells me I should never depart
For I’d never survive.


And every time that I’m near you
I watch you through the sides of my eyes.
And I love when I touch you
The feeling tells my heart I’m alive

You’re just so sweet
Girl you’re the flame in my drive

I say baby, my darling oh my love of my life
Tell me, what is for dinner,
Just joking, but I dream upon the day your my wife.
I see now you’re a grinner.
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Song Of My Heart Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Song Of My Heart Lyrics