Come over here and tell me that you love me.
I need to hear it whispered in my ear.
‘cos I know the heartache’s got to go,
But you’re not here.
You’re not near.

Won’t you be my lady, be my lover.
Tell me that you’ll never have another.
‘cos it seems you’re only in my dreams,
You’ve gone from here.
My darkest fear.

Don’t hang up the phone I need to hear you
I need to hear the words pour from your heart
And though I feel our separation’s real
It’s just the start.
Did we really part?

I can’t handle this pain that’s burning in me.
I don’t know how I’ll face the coming years.
Tears, they flow, and feelings none could know
They reappear.
I think I’ll drown in tears.
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Drown In Tears Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Drown In Tears Lyrics