Sometimes you don’t get to choose
And you lose, and it’s not in your hands.
Sometimes the world’ll get ya
And it’ll hurt, do you understand?
Now I’m a lonely man.

Just keep on rollin’ brother
Keep on going, as hard as you can.
For once this bad spots over
You’ll make it, I know you can.
For I’m a lonely man.

Just share your time together
Make the best of it, as long as you can.
For it won’t last forever.
Seems that life has some other plan.
‘cos I’m a lonely man.

Don’t blow your top with anger,
Keep your cool, like the blade of a fan.
You don’t have this life for nothing,
Out of the fire, and back in the pan.
Still, I’m a lonely man.
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Lonely Man Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Lonely Man Lyrics