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Tha Real Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Tha Real Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yeah it's time for me, to do what I got to do
Cause if you ain't fucking with me then nigga I ain't fucking with you
I'm coming through with my dogs
And we chilling in the back, with black on up in the fog
Nigga yes she on the wall
I'm kissing on her neck, while her pussy just too wet
She cannot handle that shit
She just a lame ass bitch with a fat ass clit
I'm a bad hard headed nigga, I hate listening to niggas
That think they run niggas
See, I am a God
The God of motherfucking Blackland, I go hard
The lost pyramida
Everybody know the city of the pyrimidum
The perimeter coming through with the size
I surprise
Niggas with the choppa, I shoot 'em right between their eyes

[Verse 2]
Bitches think that they can lead me on
But nah bitch never that because I'm in my zone
Cause see a nigga like me know
When another ho, talking to another nigga yo
Because I got a bitch on the side too
Every single day just in case you wanna leave boo
And you can keep it fucking moving
I came straight from the 90s this just how I stay fucking grooving
I'm doing what I'm fucking doing
Getting to the cash
Working hard everyday
Busting my ass
Nigga want to act an ass nigga go ahead
Because my Raider niggas put that pistol to your head
Your momma can call the FEDs
Cause when she call it, yeah we going find her
Remind her this is the niggas that tied ya, son in the water
Nigga yes we had to find huh

And my Raider niggas chilling in the motherfucking back like
And my Nasa Gang niggas chilling in the fucking back like

[Verse 3]
Young black heart and I don't give a fuck
I break bitches' heart cause they broke mine's, bruh
And if a nigga think he's going to fuck me over
You bitch ass nigga hop in now the black Range Rover
All black on and I'm ready to attack
This will be on my mind everyday when it all black
I had to work hard, I work eight ours to get a motherfucking paycheck
Ain't life so sour?
Working night to day, to morning to night just to get a paycheck and make my life right
But shit move too slow
I might as well go to Colombia and going sell coke

It's Blackland nigga, this is the motherfucking Blackland Radio we in this bitch, freestyle in this shit, in this motherfucking SpaceGhostPurrp in this bitch, Raider Klan nigga all black, never give a damn nigga

Bitch, suck a dick
Bitch, suck a dick
Bitch, suck a dick
Bitch, suck a dick
Bitch, suck a dick
Bitch, suck a dick
Bitch, suck a dick
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