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Captain Planet Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Captain Planet Lyrics

Raiders in this bitch..
All black on, we runnin' shit
Shout out to that Wolf gang
Yeah my niggas in this bitch
Up in the club
Finna make that bitch gon suck this dick..

[Verse 1]
Gotta get the cash fast
Gotta make the hustle last
Gotta get ass in the mansion
Sippin' on some lean and
Every single day, slow-motion when she dancin'
Never trust a girl, messin' up my whole world
Playin' games actin' like she romantic
When I leave a show, trashbag full of gas
I'm glad my money gigantic
UFO flow, go hard on the stars
Lyrically, I'm on another planet
Stay seated down, on the ground
So broke to the point that I can not stand it
Thinkin' bout hittin' me a lick
Man, I gotta get rich, let me go ahead and plan it
I'm feeling like an eagle
All sour diesel
SpaceGhostPurrp a.k.a Captain Planet

[Hook x2]
Gotta get my money up
Gotta get straight to the dough
Gotta get my money up
Gotta get rich stay dolo
Gotta get my money up
Know a nigga gotta stay flossin'
Gotta get money up (money up)
Know a nigga gotta stay bossin'

[Verse 2]
Girls love me cause I stay fway every single time and I'm never looking bummy
Girls love me cause I eat it real good and my stroke game always keep them coming
Girls love me cause I ratatat till the tat on my tummy
Girls love me cause I put them in they breaks every time baby girl be frontin'
Girls love me cause I kiss them in they spot, make them hot, and i love get money
Girls love me cause I look them in they eyes, don't lie, gotta keep it one hunnid
Girls love me cause I love to be me, and I know them other lames can't stand it
Girls love me, screaming "SpaceGhostPurrp, oh my god, I just seen Captain Planet"

[Hook x2]

Welcome to the new motherfuckin era
This is the beginning of y'all motherfuckin end
Shout out to CBG, nigga
All black motherfucker
NASA gang, Raiders, CBG in this bitch, motherfucker
Motherfuckin Wolf gang in this bitch(nigga)
Swag, bitch

What the fuck y'all doing?
You know why?
Because you're a dirty funky stink smellin ass pissy dookie booty funky breath ass dirty ass ugly motherfuckin bitch
You dirty fuckin bitch
Suck my motherfuckin dick
You stupid bih
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