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Black Diamonds & Pearls Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Black Diamonds & Pearls Lyrics

Sex, sex, lust, lust, diamonds and pearls
Beautiful goddesses all over the world

I never knew that me and you wouuld ever be this way
When we do what we do from night to day
It's ok, because your boyfriend ain't shit
While he cheat behind your back I be stroking your shit
We legit and can't nobody stop this lust
Don't believe nobody else but your body I trust
It's a must because it's all sex animosity
Black on black Pontiac with whippin' properly
Riding to the sound as it go down
Then back up, back down, hella-deep now
Don't frown, because I gotta get this cash
Kissed her on the forehead then I slapped her on the ass
She mad, she hate it when I leave the house
Telling me to hurry up so I can eat her out
Come back home, she loving me and kissing me
Mentally and physically we was meant to be


You want me, I want you
We get into this money, this is how we do
I love the way you kiss me too
When your lips touch mines I'mma love you boo
Do what you do, say what you say
But say it real slow in your lingerie
You know how I love it, you know how I need it
Be in the sheets baby girl, I'mma treat it
I need you to be more aggressive
So this shit can be more possessive
Hypnotizing your mind so emotional
I want to make this night personal
You love me so much I can feel it in your touch
Cause a nigga keep it trill
And I never give a fuck
My lust for you is higher now easily
It'll never fade away because we was meant to be
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