I'm gonna buy a gun,
So I can end it any time I want,
And laugh as I blow it away,
Funny as an atom bomb,
Solemn as a child at a ticker tape parade,
Black clothes on a sunny day.

Drink it down,
And break the glass for me,
I'm so much older than the boy I was,
And half the man I used to be.
Lay me out,
I'm in my sunday best,
Why don't you take a bow and say a prayer,
When you put my memory to rest.

He's gonna be a man,
Trade tennis shoes for combat boots,
Slingshot for a machine gun in his hands.
She's gonna work at a desk,
As good as any man and better at their best,
Do I look smaller in a dress.

Light me up like fireworks,
I never gave a fuck or cared much when it hurt,
But now it's just too close to my core,
She's a whore and he's her man,
Stitch me up so I can stand,
Rub our stony hearts together,
To spark and burn the feathers from our backs.
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Water The Boneyard Lyrics

Sincerely, Dead – Water The Boneyard Lyrics