You whisper what a fucking tragedy,
Put a hole in my lungs so I don't have to breathe,
I long for you now every beat of my heart,
Is a cry out for help from inside of me.

I don't need you to be my escape route,
I don't need someone to say they care,
If love is fire then I'm drowning in an ocean,
And my insides are hungry for the winter air,
I don't need this dream to keep on living,
I am saltwater in a tide of blood,
I am directionless but I will carry on,
But keep your heart cause I don't have your love.

I can smell you in all of my clothes,
Like you left me an emptiness for you to call your home,
Write your love on the bullet that kisses my head,
Goodnight go to sleep I'll be here while you rest.

Bring out the coffin and sound the alarm,
If they ask you tell them I was yours from the start,
You gave me white hair to remember you by,
Till they blow out my candle and bury the sky.
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The Love Note Lyrics

Sincerely, Dead – The Love Note Lyrics