Blue air and black clothes,
Looking for a different road than the long way home,
If you could use a wink than I'll give you one,
I can hold a drink while you talk on the phone,
We could be alright,
You've got a hell of a face and I'm good in a fight,
We could hit the road with your old guitar,
We could switch to robbing banks if they hate our songs.

Cause you are,
Skulls and crossbones and fucking hard rock songs,
Stayed up all night, I'll be on the rooftop,
When the sun comes in the morning,
From your blowjob cigarette smoking,
Baby mine, baby mine,
We could be forever but it'd be a hell of a waste of your time.

Cold hands and bleary eyes,
Making wishes on the tails of satellites,
You're a little sore now where your bones were broke,
A little crazy cause your mamma did lots of coke,
Black boots in the summer dust,
Everybody goes to heaven but the people like us,
Cause there's gotta be a way out of here,
Burn down this town by the end of the year.
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Baby Mine Lyrics

Sincerely, Dead – Baby Mine Lyrics