Little Laurellen has gone to sleep again,
What are we to do, what are we to do,
Little Laurellen, her bed is ready now,
Put her in the ground, put her in the ground.

Everybody wave to the lunatic,
La la la la la la la la la la la la,
Everybody disappear cause you bore me,
Sunny celebratory,
Cause you're faker than a ouija board.

Little Laurellen, her parents never learned,
That she was tired out, that she was sleepy now,
They never even tried, until she closed her eyes,
But now they're outta time, to sing her lullabies.

Little Laurellen she's alive again,
She tells me pretty things,
Will always have to end,
She's got a magic word, to turn me inside out,
And make my soul come out, and make my soul come out.
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Ouija Lyrics

Sincerely, Dead – Ouija Lyrics