We planted the lightbulbs,
That halloween night,
You said you wanted to lay down in the cold grass and die.
What do you think about when you're all alone,
It makes you smile,
I wish I had that for my own if only just for awhile.
They'll break you up again,
Like firewood to burn like torches in their hands,
I woke you up from dreaming,
And your eyes were full of sand.

I'll pretend that I have friends,
That you can hear me singing,
Don't wait up, don't wait up,
In the afterlife for me.
Pull me close, but I'm a ghost,
Wake me up if I am dreaming,
Shut the fuck up, I'm outta luck,
Burn up in gasoline.

Your heart is a burning coal and,
Your hand is a fan to the flame, no turning back,
Now I'm bitter poison,
Love is a sickness that's hard to catch.
Petals at your feet I watch them,
Dance in delight at your catalyst romance,
I stand right beside you and love you from,
The distance of a sunbeam from the night.
Feel you now so close, you breathing in,
What is the chance I could hold you once again,
Look in your eyes as you cry into your hands,
Sing soft lullabies as you sink into my skin.
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Glow In The Dark Lyrics

Sincerely, Dead – Glow In The Dark Lyrics