Yo, A/s/l baby
You look fly date me
Make me go crazy
Try to amaze me
Keeps it real though
Chat rooms a go
Sweetheart cupcake
I'll be there fa sho
You spit mad game
From your aol screen name
Giving me the links
And sending me the freeze frames
Xo princess
Pink font and smiley kisses
Totally guessed it
Dashboard away message

Like omg totally
Make you fall in love with me
Hit you up on myspace
Friend request from jayceface
It's a place for best friends
Hit you up on facebook
Poke you and tag you look
Mad pictures happenin
Crazy I'll captions
This must be love

Love sweet love

The internet was made for lovers
Ohio is just for suckers
I think I'll never go outside
Cause everyone I love is online
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Dot Com Lyrics

Secret Secret Dino Club – Dot Com Lyrics