Sweet, parents gone for the weekend
Call all my besties, make a date to see them
Get my party on, down in the basement
Tic tac in my mouth, and I make some fresh statements
Too bad all the girls got mono
I wanna kiss them all, 10 rounds of spin the bottle
Get my dance on, holler at the dj
Limp bizkit coming through the airwaves
And I got mad love for all my friends
But so much drama surrounds them
Life would be so much better
If everyone loved each other
But how can some dudes be so wack
It's funny how girls can make you act
Life would be so much better
If everyone dated each other

Love, love
Makes you french kiss, and give bear hugs
Like magic johnson and the no look
It's why girls cry over the notebook
Love, love
These 4 letters they won't budge
They'll knock you out like boxing gloves
Mike Tyson punch you drunk in love

(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
Keep going, we don't stop
Like a hulk hogan leg drop
Got my ride pimped, dollar sign on the top
Freshen up the grill, hook up the crest white strips
Flossin everyday like a dentist with a nice grip
You try to come at me but your flow is wack
Got the schoolboy rhymes in my jansport backpack
I better take a nap
Cause I've been working all day
Spitting dope rhymes on this track
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Spin The Bottle (Love) Lyrics

Secret Secret Dino Club – Spin The Bottle (Love) Lyrics