She said
"you're the perfect boy, but not the perfect boy for me"
And I disagree, I think we go together perfectly
(We can be for real)
I could cop a feel
I say you come a little closer and I tell you what's the deal

And maybe you know something I don't know
The only thing I know for sure is you're
The one for me and basically
I'm lost without you guiding me, please don't say goodbye to me

Girl you know you shake my confidence lately
Talk with my lips but I ain't sayin' I'm falling in love
And I don't know what I'm gonna do
But all I know right now is that I wanna be with you

I said
Maybe I'm not pretty, tall, or strong, or good enough
None of the above, I'm just way to young to be in love
Take it from me
It's the way it's got to be
Well I'm stupid now I see
She's just not in love with me

And I wanna tell the whole world baby
Maybe I will, maybe not, hey baby I'm in love!
And I don't know what I'm gonna do
I got so many things that I wanna share with you
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Ain't Falling In Love Lyrics

Secret Secret Dino Club – Ain't Falling In Love Lyrics