Well my momma always said
That I'm always up to no good
I'm so hood
Never doing nothing that I'm told I should
But you know I gotta stay me
Do it on the daily
Got a bit more cream but you know that I'm the same G
But you know that all the ladies
Show me how to ride though
Always keep it dirty with the d to the I to NO
But I like to switch flows
Keep it down like slow mo
Check out all my pics
Bbp snap up my promos

I'm not much for science
But I know I got you started
Cause you think I'm a geologist
The way I rock ya body
And you think I'm good at math
When I'm always getting digits
Cause the way I add a beat
To my guitar and than I hit it
Listen up listen now
Everybody's learning how
Right to left, up and down
East to west, north to south
This is how we roll
Everybody "word up"
This place is getting crunk
Baby that's what's up

But you know I'm so ridiculous
I act like I'm so conspicuous
Grab the mic, push play and it's over
20 inch rims spinning on my range rover
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Wordup Lyrics

Secret Secret Dino Club – Wordup Lyrics