I know exactly where my heart lays baby
Up in new york's where I belong
Gotta dance, kinda need it in the worst way
We're gonna party like it's everyone's birthday
Spin the jamz, pump it loud Mr dj
Let's get it poppin, it's everyone's birthday

Do you know what I know?
Don't be shy bro
"ain't no party like a party with the dino"
I can be crazy
Especially lately
I get things hoppin and I do it on the daily
Oh my god my friends are all insane
I think I made them all that way
But who's got time to worry today
Let's have a good time
Everyone will be fine

Let's get it poppin
Oh there ain't no stopping
Dino club is fresh
Straight up hip hoppin
Mixing up the party
Mixing up the hooks
Mixing dope rhymes
With kinda good looks
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Birthday Bash Lyrics

Secret Secret Dino Club – Birthday Bash Lyrics