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When You're Here Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – When You're Here Lyrics

[Verse 1]
If there’s a will there’s a way then I think I’ve got a way
Cause you’re beautiful like the foliage in the month of May
I wish that I could stay and lay around a little longer
But every time I’m away this attraction is stronger
It’s growing like a weeping willow in an endless night of shooting stars
I think I’m falling in love with who you are
And if who you are is what I think you to be
Then you are everything I dreamed you to be
Before a you and me
I think it’s obvious were obviously stuck in a society that faithfulness is fake and monogamy’s fucked
But I always said that I would keep you when I found you
Our fingers interlock much in the same way that our minds do
And I can’t even find the perfect rhyme to describe you
But I know that I’m coming in possession of my muse
With the beauty and the power of a Queen
You’re the princess I saved in the tower of my dreams

I’m hoping to get you open to something I want
I wanna have you in the morning and hold you till’ dawn
Cause everything is better when you’re here
(And I wish you were here with me)

[Verse 2]
I love the way my heart beeps when your art speaks
Your like a book of white spells with a heartbeat
Your heart speaks in a beautiful dialect of progression
My obsession with you eases my depression
I wish that I could pin-point all the nuances and ways
You’re so unearthing to me but you’re nurturing my brain
I wish that I could stay until the tension disappears
I’d rather give you what you need than what you need to hear
But if what you need to hear is everything I need to say then my home girl is beautiful in every single way
May I get you to listen that I’m letting go of every melancholic inhibition that I had until I met you tho
Literary obviously very educated
Hello Amy thanks everything is just amazing
We’re both aware of a flame that has come from a spark
And I will fix my teeth when you fix my heart

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