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Breaking The Potters Hands Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Breaking The Potters Hands Lyrics

It's orgasmic, it's orgasmic how I drip on the scene like plasma
I was given mood stabilizers by a doctor but i should've just been given acid
I'm fantastic, crooked jaw snappin like a gator in lake placid
It's the handzum young shaman
Crashed on earth and crawled out the comet
I'm on top bitch with insanity
Cause blood from myself inflicted head wound genetically runs in the family
Heavily love is all I have in me, heavenly visions of euphoria
As I writhe and let it take over
If my body is a temple i'd let god burn it down to ashes

Kickin the rush and my way is forever
No longer, i'm coming back stronger than ever
With hunger, the R to the O to the double Z
I am the man in your dreams as you slumber
I hover above you just like a caretaker
I know everything you will do in the future
Cause humans are so damn predictable
I am the light in the citadel showing the way
Disregard any appointed authority if they get in the way of what you need to do
If what you want to is of a pure intent
Dispose of them evilly with a grin
House of drip, house of drip won't you come in
To my world when I dip you dip you double dip
Now it's on if you got it, then get it
You just might get sorted for tryin' be something you isn't though
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