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Science Lab Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Science Lab Lyrics

Oh my god
I shrunk down
To the size
Of a spider
Nowison, Nowison
Nowison me to break out of the scary science lab
Keep it real fuck a deal I ain't signing that
You say you selling units but you don't you just buying back
That ain't my game I'm playing a whole different kind of jazz
I'ma let my sons get em' in hit em' between the eyes for Dad
Quit tryna rap, you must be high on Dimetapp
You say that your woman support you but she fucking shaking her head behind your back
You're thirty-nine and a half
Its out of line for you to think that I would ever even consider giving you permission to shake my hand
Hundred-thousand dollar meet and greet with me boy I snap that band
Hit the bitch up and violate her like Dylan Ross as soon as I land
Count the bills in one hand
Looking at you like a fucking mental patient
Got you power walking off like a scared old woman looking down at your feet
You can not fuck with me
I am the terminator hoe
If you got some ana with me bitch boy bring it on we can go to wo'
Where I stand I will fall
But not today so I reload
Ten toes down times a million I'll stomp in your guts into the road
Getting buck like a damn atom bomb everybody know Rozz and what he bout
Dope fiend idiot rappers hate me but can't keep my name up out they fucking mouths
Dylan gotta get it get into it when I get it Ima roll bounce
Dylan go very Todd Terry zag put these slags up on the house
I'ma sell a hoe
I'ma turn it out
I'ma exercise the whole person out
I'ma tell her the damn deal
Take her shoes away and show her what she can do without
Rap game is a cover up its so stupid its not even worth it to talk about
Let off a little bit of steam bitch boy how bout you pop a couple buttons off
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