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Two One Six Six Six Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Two One Six Six Six Lyrics

Handzum, Handzum, Handzum, Handzum
Depressive Tongues and I'm Dylan Ross

I'm coming up out of the motherfucking north
And I’m ‘bout to do you hoes
I will shoot you hoes, and
Attend the funky funeral
I supply you with senseless violence
But what’s the movement, though?
Two, the o’s of Cuban blow and get fucked by a groupie hoe
Future other baby mama, never
I only trick em'
Young Eizeil, slangin’ chicken and candy flippin'
I'ma run her home and blaze weed
And get some wonder dome and fuck her to thunder dome at the same speed
If you were curious as to the set I claim, G
Handzum Boys til' I die and when I do reincarnate me
I know that you hate me with my wicked shit, scary stuff
I could kill your labor with one frack if I cared enough
But it would never be worth it for me to air you up or anyone other than myself cause I still don’t care enough
Unless you hit me with drugs and you’re high in my apparel
Dripped Out God buy one for me in time’s apparel
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